Monitoring:Supply chain management

Whether you have one product or dozens, IQFoodChain can help you lower costs from your supply chain. Get supplier credential alerts and reliability ratings to protect you and your customers. Improve inventory quality and shelf-life to reduce losses. Our easy-to-use technology was created for you by food industry experts.


Traceability is now mandatory, but don’t do it because you have to – do it because it’s the right thing to do, generating customer value for higher revenues. IQFoodChain tracks each ingredient of your food product globally throughout the supply chain within minutes. Prevent recalls before they happen, and make more safe foods available to your customers every time.

Recalls: Quick response every time

Food recalls are increasing although better technology is now available. Why not use that technology to prevent recalls or make the recall process easier? With IQFoodChain, respond to a recall within minutes by notifying store locations and distributors quickly, completely and efficiently. Our traceability system will help you expedite each step of the process. Finally, our solution even helps you to find alternate suppliers to reduce disruption to your customers.

IQFoodChain:The essential ingredient for food safety.

IQFoodChain tracks your food products globally throughout the supply chain and protects the provenance information with innovative blockchain technology. Prevent costly recalls, improve brand value, reduce costs and protect customers from unsafe food products.

Stay at the top of the food chain with IQFoodChain!


Traceability: It pays to trace.

During a year-long pilot project, benefits of using better traceability included improved profits, efficiency and growth:
  • 16% increase in sales
  • 17% reduction in operating costs
  • 18% reduction in labour costs
  • Improved management decisions for all value chain partners

In a traceability exercise, the time to trace 100% of a product was reduced from 48 hours to less than two minutes.

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